Auto Insurance Now Covers Acupuncture After Accident

There have been a number of recent studies indicating that auto injury victims with soft tissue acute and chronic pain derive more relief and faster recovery with Acupuncture than other commonly used therapies.

And, because of this, Auto Insurance Adjusters are becoming more responsive to the faster and more
complete recovery from Acupuncture than these other therapies.

Acupuncture Provides More Relief than Other Therapies for Auto Injuries

I have been told that one of the more difficult aspects of treatment for Family Practice Physicians is the accident victim with acute or chronic soft tissue pain and no apparent relief or recovery from other common therapies.

Acupuncture offers your patients real pain relief and recovery from injuries sustained in auto accidents.


My services are covered by PIP and Med Pay.

Because the auto insurance industry now accepts Acupuncture as a legitimate and effective medical treatment for soft tissue pain, their attitude is becoming more and more that it is

“better to pay for effective short term and relatively inexpensive Acupuncture treatments than often marginal and long term commonly used therapies.”

Scientific Research Regarding Acupuncture and Auto Injury

However, there have been numerous research studies on the medical benefits of Acupuncture in the U.S. in recent years, mostly funded by the NIH.

It has now been proven by these well-funded studies that Acupuncture has the following biomedical actions:

1. Produces neurochemicals such as Endorphins Alpha and Beta and Adenosine-1 all of which are pain mediators and mood enhancers.

2. Dilates blood vessels that increase local blood circulation to tissue adjacent to the needle insertions.

3. Stimulates the lymphatic system to increase drainage of edematous areas after contusions or swelling to soft tissue.

In addition to the biomedical effects of Acupuncture, another important factor why Acupuncture is so efficacious is that it provides a passive technique of treating a traumatic injury. This is very important because exercise, stretching and spinal adjustment immediately following an automobile accident can often cause pain and inflammation rather than providing relief. Only gentle and
passive techniques can lessen this type of painful injury.

I can also speak from my own experience, — practicing on Cape Cod for over 11 years-

-treating auto injuries since the beginning of my career–

-and, working in clinics in three states with medical doctors and chiropractors —

In all this time, most of these practitioners refer patients to me long after other modalities and medications were prescribed.

And, most of the time, these patients reported little or no improvement or feeling worse after weeks and sometimes months of other treatment after auto injuries.

Injuries are typically:

  • whiplash
  • lumbar sprain
  • cervical sprain
  • sciatica
  • pain
  • wrist sprain
  • shoulder and scapular pain.

Acupuncture and associated therapies have been proven to be highly successful at eliminating these
painful symptoms and moving the patient toward a full recovery.

Finally, for those who have never had Acupuncture before, it is very important to emphasize the
gentleness of my treatments and the tiny, flexible, hair-like thinness of the “needles” used in

Most of my patients feel little or nothing during insertion of the needles, and yet the outcome
from treatment has proven to be very successful and relatively quick – in fact, many patients feel
considerable relief after their very first treatment.